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27 marzo 2019
job offer 361

** Siamo alla ricerca di un brillante Tecnico di Produzione

requested competencies

Il candidato ideale è Perito Meccanico, ha una buona capacità di lettura del disegno meccanico, ha tra i 30 e i 40 anni e può vantare almeno 10 anni di esperienza in aziende meccaniche con produzione interna.
La provenienza da aziende sottoposte a stretti vincoli di Qualità (es. Automotive, meccanica di precisione) sarà considerato un plus.

Sono quindi richieste:

- Competenze meccaniche
- Competenze elettriche di base
- Esperienza con macchine automatiche o semi-automatiche di impianti produttivi

Un buon uso del PC, un’esperienza con sistemi gestionali (idealmente Microsoft Navision) e una forte propensione al miglioramento costante completano il profilo.


La persona sarà inserita in staff al Responsabile di Stabilimento e, lavorando in Produzione, si occuperà della gestione del parco macchine (transfer e lavorazioni meccaniche) degli stabilimenti produttivi (Italia e Tunisia), con un focus particolare sulla gestione delle parti di ricambio e dei dossier tecnici delle macchine.

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Tecnico di produzione - Gestione Macchine e Ricambi




Azienda produttrice di cavi per il settore automotive.


Impiegato Tecnico

  • "I had the pleasure of being supported in recent years by GS Xecutive in some rather complex and totally different selections among them. If several hypothesis make a theory, then three successful candidates are the confirmation of the professionalism, competence and sensibility with which he manages the projects entrusted to him."
    Massimo Scolari
    C.F.O. at AEB Group
  • "The assignment of a goal to be achieved ... the certainty of a result! Gianluca knows well the territory in which he is involved, the social context that surrounds him and the people he collaborates with. Thanks to its multiple skills, even in the most difficult scenarios, he is able to find the right person to place it within its clients' companies. It's a pleasure to work with him."
    Cristina Medici
    Beckhoff Automation, Italy
  • "I meet Gianluca Suardi some years ago, and since then we always kept in touch. He is probably one of the best professionals that I have ever met in the HR sector. Competent, transparent, punctual, proactive. Those are some of the qualities that Gianluca has demonstrated every time I worked with him. He is a great professional in HR, but he also has good skill in problem solving out of the ordinary, and a strategic vision, in my opinion, unique. Summarizing, let me exaggerate, a champion."
    Enrico Quaresimin
    Business Development Manager @ Forgital USA, Inc.
  • "I worked with Gianluca several times. Excellent interpersonal skills, target oriented and incredible sensitiveness towards candidates and effective in understanding clients requirements with creative solutions."
    Paolo Sacchi
    Procurement & Asset Manager - Area Europe & Russia @ Astaldi
  • "I had the chance to meet GS Xecutive and appreciate the work during a fairly complex selection. The perfect understanding of our needs and perseverance in finding the right candidate were the determining factors for the success of the project."
    Daniele Da Re
    Operation Manager at Zanotta SpA
  • "I was fortunate to be incorporated 4 years ago at a company with the mediation of Gianluca and to date I often rely on him to look for difficult profiles to include in our team. Professional and practical, I would recommend cooperating with him."
    Matteo Gualandris
    Direttore di produzione Cartotecnica Goldprint SpA
  • "I met GS Xecutive at a time when I decided to change my professional career. I am firmly convinced that in the immense world of Recruitment highly skilled people are needed, Gianluca is a step ahead of others. A person of very high education and competence."
    Fausto Fedrighini
    CISM at International Purchasing and Supply chain management institute
  • "Gianluca is a competent, reliable, result-oriented professional and able to adapt quickly to complex situations. It is endowed with great tenacity and fulfills the goals assigned even in the presence of unforeseen difficulties."
    Claudio Pinassi
    Amministratore Delegato KME Italy
  • "I worked with Dr. Suardi in the selection of 2 people to join in my team and I've always found him very well-mannered both professionally and personally."
    Annarita Polacchini
    General Manager ASF Autolinee
  • "Gianluca is an excellent talent discoverer in the HR field: professionality and humanity his skills."
    Michele Greif
    General Manager